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About Our Family

Our family leas a busy lifestyle, but o e that we wouldn’t change.  Craig is retired from the local phone company and is now a “full-time” rancher.  He is enjoying ranching full time and putting up hay.  He still tries to get up in the mountain lakes.  He also enjoys hunting with his kids and friends.  He also has two teams of draft horses that Craig loves to mess around with.  He pulls parades, special events, with friends and has been feeding with them, haying, spreading manure and harrowing.  If you are around the area, he would love to give you a ride.

Taryn enjoys being a stay-at-home mom and helping Craig with cows, irrigation and haying.  In her spare time, she enjoys riding in the mountains.

Traig our oldest son, is in the process of buying our neighbors potato farm.  He now owns 2 semis and trucks hay, grain, potatoes and anything else that can give him a backhaul.  He enjoys snowmobiling in the winter.

Cayl is our middle son.  This year he bought a herd of commercial cows and is loving it.  He is going to slowly turn the herd registered.  He still helps Traig on the farm and helps us put up hay and with our cows.  He loves to ride horse in the mountains and fish…. especially when he out fishes his dad!

Trac is our youngest son.  He is very active in school and plays every sport he can:  football, basketball and baseball.  He too is starting to help on the farm and he is a big help with the cows.  He loves to ride horse.  He is competitive at all he does.

Our annual bull sale is the 2nd Monday in March with Feddes Red Angus.  We also have our annual cow sale with Big Sky Elite the first Wednesday in December.  If you are ever in the area, we would love to have youth stop by.  We are proud of our cattle and would love to give you a tour of our cowherd and bulls

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