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About Our Family

Our family leads a busy lifestyle but one that we wouldn't change. Craig works for the local phone company, Century Link. His main responsibilities after his "real job" are the cattle and the hay. He enjoys riding horses in the mountains, fishing, hunting, and team roping. 


Taryn enjoys being a stay-at-home mom and helping Craig with the cows, irrigation, haying and going to the kid's various sports. In her spare time, she enjoys barrel racing, team roping and riding horses in the mountains. 


Traig, our oldest son, is in the process of buying our neighbor's potato farm. He is a huge help feeding cows, doing a lot of haying, irrigating and anything else we need him to do. For fun, Traig enjoys dirt biking and snowmobiling. 

Cayl is our middle son. He loves school, his animals and football. He helps Traig on the farm irrigating, helps us hay and also rides pens for a local feedlot. He loves to ride horses in the mountains and fish...especially when he out fishes his dad.


Trac is our youngest son. He still loves school and riding the bus. He is definitely our most competitive kid, playing football, basketball and baseball. He is a great help moving cows on his horse and loves to fish in those mountain lakes. He is a happy kid that loves everyone.  


Our annual bull sale is always the 2nd Monday in March with Feddes Red Angus. We also have our annual cow sale with Big Sky Elite the first Wednesday in December. If you are ever in the area, we would love to have you stop by. We are proud of our cattle and would love to give you a tour of our cow herd and the bulls.

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